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Winterfylleth Black heart london 2015

Having only just played London supporting the mighty Primordial, Winterfylleth have announced a headline show in the capital but this one's a bit special. Taking place at The Black Heart in Camden, the venue is tiny, i'd estimate 140(?) people max . Not only is the venue tiny they've got The King Is Blind supporting and tickets are a mere £8.25. If you're not familiar with this UK act of Monolithic Metal then check them out below. If you want to go i'd get on this one fast as it'll sell out fast. Winterfylleth are coming off a cracking year in 2014 having released the sublime "The Divination of Antiquity" so it's questionable just how much longer you'll have chance to see them in such an intimate setting.

Get your tickets here.


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Matthew Green Top 10 albums 2014 metal end of year list metal gigs

Matthew Green sent over his Top 10 albums of 2014 but after he commented "now i look at it, it's not the worlds most underground top 10 but it is at least honest!".  So here is his list, honest and no f**** given...

Top 10 Albums of 2014

by Matthew Green

Honourable mentions to...

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Damnation Festival 2014

Early Saturday is a time usually filled with headaches, toast and regret; it is most certainly not one to be spent hammering feet across the cold concrete of Leeds while wolfing down day-old Sainsbury’s. But that’s exactly where we found ourselves due to an unforeseen technical issues (most certainly NOT sleeping through our alarm clocks). Metalgigs: prodding at the seedy underbelly of gonzo journalism and eating stale crisps since 2011.

All of which means we were...

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Winterfylleth the divination of antiquity review

Surely this is the sound of the wind and the rain on a filthy November afternoon, soaking you as you walk the coastal path, the sound of burning leaves and deadwood in Autumn, the smoke flavouring the air, the sound of sunlight piercing the heavy and swollen clouds, the sunlight and shadows racing and tumbling across the slopes and fields of the moors, the lakes blazing in...

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Nick Wallwork Winterfylleth

It's hot outside.  Some might say too hot, but moaning is a favourite pastime of the British.  What better way to bring yourself down than a decent slice of death doom.  Nick Wallwork from the English Black Metal band Winterfylleth hit us up with his Top 10 albums of the death doom persuasion.

As always...

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