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Saint Vitus London

The Garage brought shelter from the gloomy rainy Sunday for doom fans this weekend yet London decided to be fashionably late.  Witchsorrow took to the stage with roughly 40 people spaced out inside it's large interior.  Opening with "Aurora Atra" the 3 piece break the normal stage mould with drummer Dave and his kit sandwiched between Nick and Emily front of stage.  It made for an interested show, rather than being buried at the back I could watch him smack the hell out of his kit right under the front house lights.  Witchsorrow may not be breaking any ground with their material firmly routed in traditional doom but if it ain't broke, then why fix it?  Witchsorrow do it well, throwing up a good mix of Sabbath and Vitus vibes, some extremely slow sections, and some faster paced full rock out moments.  Thankfully for the band as the set went on the venue started to fill...

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Electric Wizard Damnation Festival 2012 review

We’re back in the labyrinthine halls and corridors of Leeds University, looking forward to a day full of good music and wondering where the bloody hell the toilets are. For one day, the masses of the great unwashed are supplanted by a legion of black clothes and lank hair. It must be Damnation. 

It‘s barely past lunchtime, but the third stage in The Mine is already melting under the crusty roar of Ravens Creed (apostrophe be damned). Dedicating a nasty “Stand Up and Be Cunted” to the early crowd, the band blast like the bile-spewing bastard sons of Venom and Discharge. The heaving thrash n’ groove of tracks like “Bloodbath” bulldozing the cobwebs of last night‘s pre-party with the force of a thousand Alka-Seltzers.

Northampton’s Atrocity Exhibit walk onstage under an unbearable hail of feedback; and things only proceed to get more repulsive. Attacking the growing numbers with relentless bursts of

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Damnation Festival final line up 2012 small

Damnation Festival is next week, and for most people it's payday this weekend. There's still tickets available for just £32, seriously that's a bargain you'd be looking at £15-£20 plus booking fee to see Electric Wizard in London and with this you're getting 23 bands, a free programme and a peaceville CD upon entry!!

Also Damnation have just released their bar prices, check this out:

Available ALL day at the festival - including the after-show party:

Tuborg Can - £2.50

Tetleys Can - £2.50

Vodka & draught mixer - £2.50

Bacardi & draught mixer - £2.50

Double up of house spirits for £1 (Vodka, Bacardi, JD, Bombay Sapphire, Southern Comfort, Malibu, Archers)

Pint draught soft drink £1.50

How many festivals or gigs do you go to where the drinks are that reasonably priced. We managed to pick up a hotel room for £28 so that's £14 each, and return fares from London are as cheap as £11 if you are willing to travel at ungodly o'clock. There's really no excuse not to go, this is a true rarity, a music festival that won't leave you crying all the way to the bank.

We figured for those of you still debating going, or those of you who have already purchased and are not too familiar with all of the bands you might find it useful to have links to all of them in one place. So we've done the hard work for you and gathered a selection of links for all the bands playing.

One slight disclaimer, these are not our videos, we've just embedded them from youtube, if any labels or bands are unhappy with it please get in touch and we'll immediately take down your videos on the news post.

Electric Wizard - Headlining this year's Damnation Festival is the mighty doom legends 

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Damnation Festival 2012 metalgigs metal gigs gig listings leeds festival

BELGIUM sludge kings AMENRA have promised their "most memorable" UK show in 13 years as they head to Damnation Festival to headline the Eyesore Stage.

They'll join English post-rockers MAYBESHEWILL and purveyors of doom Witchsorrow at Leeds University Union, on Saturday, November 3, 2012, for an exclusive appearance.

The band said: "Everyone in Amenra is really excited about performing at this year's Damnation Festival.

"This is now already our most memorable UK show in our 13 years of existence.

"We will make this one last forever in the memories and mouths of everyone who will be there." 

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Bloodstock crowd

Bloodstock 2012: Saturday

Words by Nicholas Holmes, Gary Lukes and Antony Roberts

Benediction walk on stage (or should that be hobble - Dave Hunt had a broken foot) to greet us for what they described as "a Death Metal breakfast".  Well "please sir can I have some more?", because if breakfast was like the set Benediction treated us to then I'd be jumping out of bed every morning.

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