Damnation Festival 2012 preview

//Damnation Festival 2012 preview

Damnation Festival 2012

Damnation Festival is next week, and for most people it’s payday this weekend. There’s still tickets available for just £32, seriously that’s a bargain you’d be looking at £15-£20 plus booking fee to see Electric Wizard in London and with this you’re getting 23 bands, a free programme and a peaceville CD upon entry!!

Also Damnation have just released their bar prices, check this out:

Available ALL day at the festival – including the after-show party:

Tuborg Can – £2.50

Tetleys Can – £2.50

Vodka & draught mixer – £2.50

Bacardi & draught mixer – £2.50

Double up of house spirits for £1 (Vodka, Bacardi, JD, Bombay Sapphire, Southern Comfort, Malibu, Archers)

Pint draught soft drink £1.50

How many festivals or gigs do you go to where the drinks are that reasonably priced. We managed to pick up a hotel room for £28 so that’s £14 each, and return fares from London are as cheap as £11 if you are willing to travel at ungodly o’clock. There’s really no excuse not to go, this is a true rarity, a music festival that won’t leave you crying all the way to the bank.

We figured for those of you still debating going, or those of you who have already purchased and are not too familiar with all of the bands you might find it useful to have links to all of them in one place. So we’ve done the hard work for you and gathered a selection of links for all the bands playing.

Check the official Damnation Festival website for all the latest updates.

One slight disclaimer, these are not our videos, we’ve just embedded them from youtube, if any labels or bands are unhappy with it please get in touch and we’ll immediately take down your videos on the news post.

Electric Wizard – Headlining this year’s Damnation Festival is the mighty doom legends Electric Wizard. Following on from 2010’s Black Masses album the only recent release(s) in the last 2 years are the 7″ Legalise Drugs and Murder, and the cassette tape on this month’s Terrorizer magazine which features 2 new songs. Despite the fact you can still get this issue in the shops it’s already been selling for up to £17 on ebay….crazy How much old stuff will they will throw into the set, who knows, you will have to attend to find out.




My Dying Bride – Fellow doomsters My Dying Bride have just released “A Map Of All Our Failures”, and whilst part of the doom genre, unlike the Wizard they embrace the melancholy over the bong. With the new album giving a nod here and there to some of the old growl we all love, this could be the best time in recent years to see My Dying Bride.




Pig Destroyer – Next up Pig Destroyer bring their frantic grind back to the UK for the first time in 8 years. Has it really been 8 years? Seems like only yesterday, but if you’ve never been in a pit for Pig Destroyer, you need to get your asses in there.



Primordial – well what can we say? From cult demos, to a stunning debut in “Imrama” to last years “Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand”, just when you think they’ve peaked these Irish metallers go from strength to strength. 2012 marks 25 (!) years for the band, and the experience gained is easy to see in their captivating live shows, Nemtheanga the perfect intelligent, outspoken and charismatic frontman.



Belphegor – Black metal? Death metal? Blackened death? Extreme metal? Who cares, they came last year and wiped headliners Deicide off the Camden Underworld stage at London Deathfest XII. Damnation’s headliners better watch out, these Austrians put on a HELL of a live show. 



Amenra – monsters of the riff, no, let me correct that, monsters of the nod then bang your fucking head riff. From seeing previous live experiences let me tell you these guys slay on a stage. Oft playing in near darkness, the atmosphere they create stirs something primitive, it wouldn’t surprise me if they steal the whole weekend.



Bossk – Ashford’s finest are back, and you can pick up a new free track from their forthcoming album over at their website to get an idea of what to expect. http://www.bosskonline.com/


Aura Noir – If you attended Live Evil Festival you know what to expect. Their album title Black Thrash Attack is the perfect description, hi-tops and bullet belts at the ready please!


Maybeshewill: Those of you who prefer to stare at your shoes more than a fist coming towards your face in a pit will find solace on the Eyesore Merch stage with post rockers Maybeshewill.



Extreme Noise Terror – Whilst the band themselves aren’t too keen on the term grindcore, it is what it is. Crusty hardcore punk on hyperdrive.


Textures – Fans of Periphery, Tesseract etc should already be familiar with this Dutch outfit, from their earlier albums, though they have changed somewhat from their technical poly rhythmic style of the early days since the introduction of new vocalist Daniel De Jongh in 2010.


Winterfylleth – if you’re a regular to the site you know we’re big fans of these black metallers. The new album got a 9/10 from us, yes it’s that good. Prepare yourself for a lack of photos if they play Defending The Realm, we’ll be too busy head banging.



Devil Sold His Soul –



Vreid – from the ashes of Windir came Vreid and these Norwegian black metallers bring with them some of the catchiest riffs in the genre



40 Watt Sun – An amazing set at Roadburn this year, whilst visually they are not the most mobile band mimicking the sloth like speed of their riffs, with songs of this much beauty you can just close your eyes and get lost in the doomy serenity.


Gama Bomb – It’s 2012 right? Well be prepared to throw yourself back to the 80’s and slam your partners against the wall for these Irish thrashers, see you in the pit, skateboards and suicidal hats are optional.


Witchsorrow – UK doom 3 piece had their new album “God Curse US” out on Rise Above earlier this year receiving praise all over the place. Be prepared to be crushed, slowly, very slowly.



Wodensthrone – this Sunderland black metal outfit wowed with their debut album, and new album Curse (which came out earlier this year on Candlelight) managed to surpass it, it’s stunning, be sure to check these guys out.



Blacklisters – these discordant noise mongers from Leeds play the eyesore merch stage for a half hour slot at 16.30


Hang The Bastard – these Londoners have put the time in like real bands should, trudging the country playing every tiny venue known to man, and now the hard work is paying off with their first appearance at Damnation.


Hawk Eyes – another Leeds band who’ve had a busy year on the festival circuit at Hard Rock Calling and Reading to name a few.



The Atrocity Exhibit – prepare to have your face grinded off by this furious act from the Midlands


Ravens Creed – UGH!! Prepare yourself for some death/thrash, Tom G would be proud

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