Year Formed


Cheshire-based riff monsters 1968 have been smashing riffs together since 2013, as the name suggests, they pull influences from the death of the summer of love and the realisation that everything wasn't quite as 'peaceful' as it could have been.

Drawing influences from Sabbath, Blue Cheer and riff makers such as Mountain, 1968 are pushing the older sound into modern ears and using volume to ensure that listeners or spectators are left with the feedback, for days.

Having completed their self-titled EP in 2015, the release was added to the Black Bow Records digital label for release on January 15th 2016 and is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Following the success of the first EP and critically acclaimed reviews from the likes of Kerrang! who gave the 4 track EP a 3K review and said...

"This self-titled EP is just 3-songs long, but each one grooves through your bones in classic, sepia-tinged style."

"More powerful than a speeding locomotive!"
Rhythm Magazine

"For riff junkies, this is essential listening"
Realgone Rocks

"Marauder, A fuzz-heavy monster of a track"
Powerplay rock and metal magazine

"Spralling epic of a thing that builds a great wall of sound and smashes it to pieces just for kicks, 9.5/10"
Maximum Volume Music

The bands track 'Conan' from their current EP is featured on a trailer campaign for the Grindhouse production 'Afterlife' the music is set to some of the best snowboarding you will see.

The band have begun work on their debut album to be released in 2016 featuring all of the largest riffs they can find, not to mention pint-smashing volume.

Be sure to catch them live to get the full throat shaking volume.