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The band started originally as a side project in 2003 made up of members of Martin and Morgans puff adder. Both of these bands ended within a week of each other in July 2004. Then nothing happend for a long time until Dave, Dan & Paul decided to record a demo EP over a weekend. It was never finished as Martin then joined to add another guitar + vocal. This meant we could have 2 lead vocals. Ano...

ther demo was put together and then nothing happend for a while.

In may 2005 we played our first gig in sittingbourne. Then nothing happend until october when we were asked to support capdown in tunbridge wells. This gave us a kick up the arse to record our album "In Times Of Global Decay". We gigged our album into 2006 and in august of that year mike davies played our song "The Man Who Stole The World" on the radio one lock up show for several weeks in a row. We finshed 2006 with a gig at the tunbridge wells forum supporting Propagandhi and Pot Kettle Black.

2007 came around and it was time to record another album. We went to visit Peter miles in southampton and left with our album "From Army Boots To Business Suits". The album was released by Various artists records which was set up by simon wells basically just because we hassled him for a long time to start a label. "Waiting To Lose" was played on radio one.

In 2008 we visited Peter Miles to record our 6 track EP "Enough To Make You Sick" this time down in exeter. This wasnt released until february 2009 yet again on various artists. Also we remixed and madtered our first album "In Times Of Global Decay" We gigged our ep throughout that year and did a short tour with our pals Vanilla Pod, This Business Is Closed and Sackless Jack.

In 2010 nothing really happend for a while. We recorded a Split Ep with sackless jack which is up on www.killyourown.co.uk for free download. this was made up of songs that we didnt think were good enough to go on an album but we wanted to record anyways. In August Dave decided to leave as he could no longer play in the band. Stuart Randall replaced him and 2010 finshed on a good note supporting the Goobers in Norwich.

2011 started off with some great gigs but mainly working on a new album. Throughout june and july we recorded 20 brand new songs with Dan Goudie and the album is now ready for release by Fixing A Hole records in Japan! Also with guest vocals from Simon Sandall (Goober patrol), Gary whitehead (MARTIN), Uncle albert (only fools and horses) and chas and dave.

We shall be out and about gigging with the odd weekend away touring with friends!!

Up The Brickies!!!