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West Midlands


1997: The band began in the Winter, at the time named Animosity. We recorded 3 demo's and over 6 years progressed musically, lyrically and politically.
2004: We had outgrown the name (shared by many other bands), and changed to After The Last Sky. We recorded again (the split with Inert), and set our sights on touring as well as just one-off gigs.
2005: We did a short tour in England and a date in Scotland. Also a busy year for writing better material.
2006: We finished writing and recorded the songs we had been working on to be used in the following 2 releases. We started talking to other labels and bands to organise these releases. We recorded at the Lizard Lounge in Stoke in December.
2007: A short tour with From The Ashes (Sweden) to celebrate the release of the 4-way split 12", and then toured Europe for the first time that October.
2008: 'And This Is Progress?...' 12" released, completed a short tour of Sweden, and then toured the UK and Ireland with S.A.T.A.N (Poland). We recorded 5 more songs ourselves for split releases due this year.
2009: We have a split 7" with S.A.T.A.N due in the summer, we are going back to Europe in October, and we are busy writing an album (to record early 2010). We also have 3 more songs from the last session, hopefully to be used on another split or on compilations.

Other than this, to summarise we have been really fortunate to be able to go beyond being dedicated to doing this ourselves, to having other people dedicating time to make releases and touring possible. For this we will always be thankful. This has enabled us to express our discontent with the destructive progression of humanity and the cost of this to other species, the environment, and even the level of equality within our local communities as well as on a national/global scale. As (currently) 4 individuals, the right to that individuality is retained, thus we prioritise and act on the lyrical basis of our songs to an individual degree, as the concept of a "band view" would undermine this right. The band continue to be proud of being diy and continue to do things diy. If you need any further details about the band just email and ask.