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Originally formed as a hobby between friends, the first formation of this band was back in 2004 with Mike, Gibby and a high school friend all meeting up for jam sessions at Mike's house. Of course, this was destined to fail, with no real commitment from any of the members. But, having got a taste for playing in a 'band', Gibby and Mike decided to continue jamming together and invited Ennis along early in 2005. With Ennis writing the music and Gibby and Mike helping to arrange it, songs started to form. Soon we were in need of a vocalist. 2006 saw Scott Webber and Eddy Wall join the band on joint vocals. With this first line up, the band chose their name (Aftermath) and moved out of Mikes house and into a practice room. Figuring that a rhythm guitar would add more depth and opportunity for harmonies, Bobby Powers was recruited to the band. During 2007-2009, Aftermath began playing around Bury as often as possible, utilizing local pubs, birthday parties (yes, people want metal at their birthday) and supporting other bands (we played at a cricket club with a rock band and an indie band. We scared people. It was good) and occasionally ventured into Manchester to do some gigs.

Sadly, Eddy Wall had to leave at the end of 2009 due to a change in personal circumstances which meant he could no longer concentrate on the band. But the band powered on, with Webber taking most of the vocals, and Gibby and Bobby helping out as often as possible. More and more songs got added to the set list with Ennis' innate ability to come up with new (more complex) riffs and the addition of a few covers as fillers. Also, the change in line up prompted a change in name, from just plain Aftermath to the current Aftermath Eternal.

2010 became Aftermath Eternal's best year yet, with a few new songs (The Enemy, Until We Break The Dawn, Judgement Day) being added to the list, removing the need for any covers, and more gigs taking place around Bury and Manchester. The year was topped off by playing to around 200 people whilst headlining Manchester Club Academy. But after this gig, the band went into a lull. Bobby lost interest in playing metal and wanted to move to his prefered genre of pop-punk which led to him quitting the band, although he did come back for one gig in 2011 to help the band out. The band went pretty much silent after this, continuing to practice but having no real direction.

2012 saw a new Aftermath Eternal line up come out of hiding, with Kris Price being added to the band on rhythm guitar. With MORE new songs, the band where fully commited to getting our sound to the public. We recorded our EP in April, headlined Manchester Club Academy again in June and were continuously looking for more gigs and more ways to get our music noticed.

The most recent change in the line up is Webber quitting in August 2012. After 6 years with us, we wish him all the best in the future and hopefully we will still see him at gigs. He has been replaced by Joe Gibson, he's picked the band up right where they left off. Not to mention the amount of balls his bellowing growls have added to the sound.

A year and a half later and long term member Joe Ennis decided to call it quits and pursue his future and career in a much different field to Metal. We wish him endless look and never fail to miss out on a drinking session upon when he's local. A fantastically talented man. It wasn't long after this that a good and old friend Chris Marsh turned up for a jam or two, there was no questioning his brilliant ability and he is now confirmed as the official lead guitarist. Aftermath Eternal are currently back on track in 2014, so get down to some gigs and we will see you in the pit!