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Alexander Hacke was born in the proletarian district of Berlin Neukölln


His early teenage years were spent writing, recording, releasing and performing music under the pseudonym Alexander von Borsig.

At the tender age of 14 in 1980 he joined the German cult Band 'Einstürzende Neubauten' which he performs and releases recordings with up till today.

All throughout the eighties and up to the present he has collaborated with countless artists of various genres and produces records and score music for theater pieces, feature films and documentary movies.

From 1986 -1992 he teamed up with the Australian band Crime and the City Solution,

1993 – 1999 he recorded and toured with Italian pop-icon Gianna Naninni,

1992 -1995 he formed the alternative country-music outfit Jever Mountain Boys,

1994 he recorded with Can-drummer Jaki Liebezeit for Japanese avant-garde star 'Phew'

 produced records for the English Band 'Miranda Sex Garden', French anarchist songwriter 'Fred Alpi', Australian 'Devastations', Czech 'Vanessa', Russian 'Deti Picasso' and Berlin post-punk characters Mutter.

In 2005 Hacke released his solo-CD 'Sanctuary'(KoolArrow Label), a Road-Record, which he produced during a journey around the word.

2009 the EP 'Doomed'

2011 'Hitman's Heel'(Potomak Label) together with Danielle de Picciotto

2012 Re-formation of Crime and the City Solution in Detroit with new album "American Twilight" on Mute Records


1983: Decoder (actor and score), directed by Muscha

1992: Die Terroristen (score), directed by Philip Gröning

1992: Vaterland (score), directed by Uli M. Schüppel

1993: Prinz in Hölleland (score), directed by Michael Stock

1994: Dens – Die eigentlich nicht sind (score), directed by Carsten Lippstock

1994: Das Loch (score), directed by Matthias Heise

1999: Jacks Baby (actor), directed by Jan Josef Liefers

2001: Planet Alex (actor), directed by Uli M. Schüppel

2005 Alexander Hacke starred as the main protagonist in Fatih Akin's movie 'Crossing the Bridge – The sound of Istanbul' and composed music for his award-winning feature 'Head On'. (German Production)

2006 '8 Miles High' a bio-picture about Germany's premier femme fatale of the sixties and seventies Uschi Obermaier  (German Production)

2007 'Fuori Dalle Corde / Out Of Bounds' the bare-knuckle fist-fighting epic by Italian director Fulvio Bernasconi for which Alexander won the French music score prize (Italian /Swiss Production),

2008 the Finnish coming-of-age drama 'Last Cowboy Standing' by Zaida Bergroth (Finnish/German production)

2009 'Hinter Kaifeck' a German/Bavarian Horrorstory by Esther Gronenborn  (German Production)

2010 'Empire Me' a documentary on micro nations by the Austrian Director Paul Poet (Austrian Production)

2011'Generation P' a futuristic satire about the advertisement industry in Russia by Director Victor Ginzberg (Hollywood/Russian Production)

2012 Music for the documentary "Polluting Paradise" by Fatih Akin

2013 Writing score for new feature film by Fatih Akin


Since 2001 Alexander Hacke has been collaborating with the American artist Danielle de Picciotto.

Together they initiate multimedia performances which they perform internationally :

2003/2004'Bada Bing' a performance series presenting an eclectic mix of a new generation of Berlin bands,

2004/2005 'The History of Electricity' an electronic performance depicting electricity in its most unusual and abstract form

2005 -2007'Mountains of Madness' based on HP Lovecraft stories (inviting the English trio 'Tiger Lillie's' to participate),

2007 – 2010 'The Ship of Fools based on Sebastians Brandts novel

2010/2011 'Hitman's Heel' A project based on the nomadic lifestyle of the artist couple celebrating freedom

2011 Sound & art installation ' Apriori Tempo' Prague –an installation based on changing the rhythm of time

2012 "The Glasshouse", a silent movie, which soundtrack was created during live performances

2013 Sound & art installation "Lockstep" at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in Berlin

2005 – 2013 Numerous workshops on the innovative culture in Berlin.

2010 Alexander conceived a package of software sounds for Zebra  (Urs Heckmann)