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Los Angeles, CA


All Hail The Yeti are the band that turned their back on their Hollywood homes and are better for it. It wasn't a matter of wanting to walk away from the lights and smog that permeate the false dreams and suburban malaise of their environs – it was necessary. 

'We've managed to prevail through all the bullshit,' says frontman Connor Garritty. 'I have seen too many great metal bands die here. We had to set our sights elsewhere. People always said it's better to be a big fish in a small lake. I disagree. It's best to be the biggest fish in the biggest lake!

AHTY are drowned in whiskey, campfire smoke, and blues of the ugliest kind. It's the product of a wild beast of a band that's evolved into a force to be reckoned with. Not that AHTY's evolution was quick or calculated. Since coming together in 2006, the brainchild of Canadian vocalist and tattoo artist Connor Garritty, and guitarist K.J Duval. All Hail The Yeti earned a local following with their swampy, chaotic guitar tone and Garritty's 'look 'em dead in the eyes' stage demeanor. 

'Just about anything that you could think of has happened during our shows,' says the frontman. 'Blood, vomit, spit, fights, laughter, broken bones, split skulls, stage diving, girls stripping, drug induced, alcohol-fueled mayhem.'

An EP titled 'Trees On Fire With Songs OF Blood,' was released in 2010. It began to satiate local fans with live favorites like 'Deep Creek'. With the band eschewing the Hollywood haunts and regular shows with their local kin for higher profile show with the likes of Times of Grace, Soulfly, Fear Factory, and Suicide Silence. It has become clear that All Hail The Yeti had grown into much more than a 'local' band. 

Without waiting for the 'industry' to take notice of what their audience already knew, All Hail The Yeti entered the studio to record their debut full length, with producers Tommy Decker and Mike Sarkisyan in late 2011. The results prove that AHTY has learned to master the riff and make it feel as good as it is savage. While the likes of 'Suicide Woods' is lean and mean, 'After The Great Fire' verges on an epic journey, it's churning vocal melody courtesy of bassist Nick Diltz, proves that AHTY have yet to show all of their creative cards. 

Now with their line-up rounded out by guitarist Alan Stokes, All Hail The Yeti are ready to take over the world with no intention of turning back. 

How would Connor Garritty describe just what the hell All Hail The Yeti is about? 'The best way to describe our sound is to capture how it makes each individual feel,' says the frontman. 'Our songs touch on topics of death, life, love, love lost, the paranormal, crypto zoology, mythical creatures, partying, etc. It's tough to describe our sound with one sentence.' It is left up to each listener to decide what AHTY has unleashed on him or her.

Enter The Yeti. The band that turned its back on the world, and made a name for itself in the process.