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Aura Noir, hailing from Norway, is a band which is a mix of the two genres, Black Metal and Thrash Metal. The band was created by drummer Aggressor (Ved Buens Ende) in 1994. Since he needed a guitarist he asked Apollyon to join the band. Together they created the demo 'Two Voices, One King'. In 1995 they released the MCD, 'Dreams Like Deserts', on Hot Records which was run by Dimmu Borgir's Shagrath. Aggressor and Apollyon mixed things up by switching instrument duties between songs. If Apollyon wrote a song, he did guitars and vocals and on songs he didn't write, he took over drums. Same with Aggressor. 'Black Thrash Attack' was eventually released on the german label, Malicious Records. A more aggressive release than their previous work.

Since Aura Noir was a two-man band, they asked Blasphemer of Mayhem to join them when they played live. After some problems concerning tour support, the band left the german label and were signed to Hammerheart Records.

In 1998 they released the album 'Deep Tracts of Hell' which had a more raw Black Metal sound. But unfortunately Blasphemer couldn't participate anything to the album as he had to leave because of a US tour with Mayhem. After the release they embarked on a European tour with labelmates Nocturnal Breed and Aeternus. During the tour Apollyon and Aggressor performed with Dødheimsgard on '666 International' and also joined Cadaver Inc.

In 2000 they released 'Increased Damnation' which was an album full of demos, live songs and other hard to find songs. In 2001 they wanted to record a new album with Dirge Rep (Enslaved), but it never happened. The years 2001 and 2002 were busy times for the band as they went on a US tour with their new band, Cadaver INC.

Aggressor had also formed a new band called Virus (Rock band). Apollyon also started a band, which name is still unknown. A mixture of rock and other things. Blasphemer rejoined the band as both live and record member. On the 25th of August 2008 they released their fourth studio full length entitled 'Hades Rise' on which Blasphemer only appears as a guest musician on 3 tracks and Abscess' Danny Coralles on one. Since Aggressor's fall from a fourth floor window in 2005, he is unable to play drums due to partial paralyzation of his legs. Therefore Apollyon handles all the drumming on their latest album 'Hades Rise'.