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Basement Torture Killings were formed in the Winter of 2007 by past and present members of Thus Defiled, Reign Of Erebus, Fleshrot and Scarabaeus. Part band, part horror presentation, the members consist of unconvicted serial killers Bertrand, Tarquin, Professor Kennith and The Fourth Killer. The band's music can best be described as old school death/gore grind with influences from luminaries such as Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, Deicide, Death etc… Added to this blend of classic death metal is a visual image which is part slasher flick, part The League Of Gentlemen.

Basement Torture Killings released their first recording, 'The First Cumming', in the Summer of 2008. Shortly after they played their debut gig in London with cult Swedish grind act Afgrund. This performance caught the eye of Terrorizer Magazine, and on the back of this they received not only a very positive live review, but also an interview in the Breaking Faces section of the magazine. The band continued to promote 'The First Cumming' with several more live appearances, which led to them featuring in the 2009 Terrorizer Readers Poll as a runner up in the Best Unsigned Band category.

The band inked a deal in the winter of '10 with label Arcane Productions, which saw the release of the debut album 'The Second Cumming (Gagged 'n' Stuffed Edition)' in the spring of 2011. The album received awesome reviews in all the major UK metal press, as well as many online 'zines. The band also received numerous interviews, including Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance in the UK. This led the band touring the UK with acts such as Deicide, Belphegor, Malevolent Creation, Avulsed, General Surgery, Amputated and Desecration.

Basement Torture Killings play an extreme style of death metal that features high speed riffing, drawing influences from the classic period of late '80s and early '90s death metal. Lyrically, themes are based on murder and torture in its most sadistic and deviant form. All combined with a visual image that pays homage to your favorite horror movies, fused with those most quintessential English sickos that are The League Of Gentlemen.

Metal Hammer described the band as 'A death metal perversity in knitted cardigans, tweed and Hannibal Lecter masks'. Terrorizer states ''The Second Cumming' is an impressive display of gore-splattered death metal, akin to what Carcass might have sounded like if they'd ditched the medical text books and headed for the 'true crime' section of their local library', whilst Zero Tolerance suggest that 'BTK have hit upon a violently potent formula'.

Bertrand, Tarquin, Professor Kennith and The 4th Killer have only just begun their campaign of murder most foul, and it looks certain that Basement Torture Killings will claim many more victims over the cumming months and years.