Year Formed


The roots of this band you'll find back in 2006, when Silvan Etzensperger (vocals, guitar), Cyril Etzensperger (guitar) and Samy Riedener (drums) started jamming! In the same year they released a demo called „The Fight For Metal' (out of print), which received a positive feedback and brought in scads of gigs. Their line-up got finally completed when they met up with Lukas Marti (Bass) in 2009. Only one year later, in February 2010, Battalion released their first album called „Underdogs', which got recorded and co-produced by Tommy Vetterli (Coroner/ex-Kreator). After the release the band played concerts in several european countries and thrilled the people with their headbangin' songs, their energized live-performance and their passion for Heavy Metal! They brought their sound to where it belongs: Back to the streets! Regretfully only six months after releasing „Underdogs' their guitar player and founding member Cyril Etzensperger (†12.08.2010) passed away by suicide. But instead of burying their heads in the sand, Battalion decided that the only right thing to do is keep going. They quickly met up with a live-guitarist, Leandro Pacheco, and stood back on stage only two months after Cyril's death. In June 2011 the band completed their line-up again. With Clode Hürlimann on guitar Battalion still goes on with fallowing what is their great passion: live-shows! Because this is where they reach their maximum: ON STAGE! And that's why we say: THE BATTALION IS OUT ON PAROLE!