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Founded by guitarist Paul Swarbrick in 2010 and inspired by prog, math, sludge and intense heavy-ass groove (think Keelhaul, Botch, Burnt By The Sun, The Melvins), Wigan's Boss Keloid (Completed by Alex Hurst - vocals, Ste Arands - drums, Liam PG - bass) self-released and self-recorded the 'ABL' EP at the end of 2010. 'Rocksound' magazine described it as a "ferocious sea of handsomely filthy riffs and other musical unpleasantry." American publication 'The Aquarian' stated "Boss Keloid weave their way through seven tracks in an aggressive 32 minutes, tossing off nods to thrash, hardcore and sludge metals while never losing sight of either groove or coherence. Not an easy feat."

Boss Keloid gigged extensively throughout 2011 to critical acclaim in support of their 'ABL' EP. 'Manchester Rocks' live review said "Wigan quartet Boss Keloid get your heart racing with their groove laden, riff pumping, beat driven metal, not many bands like this on the UK scene at the moment.....kicking you in, right in the teeth!" 'Rocksound' said "energetic live performances spread Boss Keloid's name like wildfire across the north west of England where audiences are chewed up and spat back out unmercifully by this Wigan quartet."

Between 2011-2013 new material was written, crafted and refined at Urban Sound Studios in Wigan, with the intent on taking a step forward in terms of groove, complexity, intensity and coherency. These songs consolidate Swarbrick's off-kilter math-sludge riffs with Arand's prog-heavy drumming, layered with PG's thunderous bass lines, and topped off with the band's fourth instrument, Hurst's melodic and experimental bellow.

In spring 2013, Boss Keloid entered Alien Sound Studios to record and produce their debut album 'The Calming Influence of Teeth' with engineer Mark Wainwright. Featuring 10 tracks including Winehorse, Locking Stumps, Skipper's Pipes and Manson Lamps 'The Calming Influence of Teeth' was released by Pipelord Records © in May 2013 on limited edition Digipak CD and Digital Download available to purchase from Bandcamp (, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.