Year Formed


Originally called Wastelanders, the band was formed by two mates: bassist Egoitz and drummer boy Jaume. This was back in 1998 and after a few experiments with different line ups it settled down into the the four trouble-makers who made the debut album "You and whose army". With Phil on vocals, who had previously played for Scurvy and Intensive Care, and the guitar taken on by the evil genius Xabi. The band played its first few gigs in the London squat scene late 1999 and changed its name shortly after finding out Wastelanders was a name being used by some techno pop outfit. Being hard-drinking street tough gentlemen it was decided a change in moniker was necessary. In 2006 Jaume decided to quit the band as he was planning to move back to Barcelona. After a couple of months Bram, back then the drummer for the hardcore band SuiCider, was recruited to hit the skins. 'Bottlejob' - london slang, sounding like a bottle in the face, it refers to a coward or what the Cockney Rejects would call a 'shitter'. Stand together and never run. The band is an unlikely mix of London and Basque. Still mostly playing around London with a few forays around the country there have also been gigs in France, Basque country and Italy. Played with the likes of Argy Bargy, Deadline, Vice Squad, Hard Skin and more, the best is still yet to come from this band. When Bram left the band to pursue his other projects, Ibon "Tartalo" came in and has been with us for a while so we're back and barking!!