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A heavy and exciting mix of swaggering, sneering riffs and blistering breakdowns (affectionately and aptly dubbed 'beatdowns'), Broken Tusk still manage to keep a semblance of harmony in their music, providing a very heavy but still extremely catchy sound.

Formed in early 2010 when Pete (Guitars and Backing Vocals) barged in on a project that Matt (Vocals and Guitars) and Mike (Bass and Backing Vocals) had already started. Then under the name 'A Legion of Scarecrows', there was an obvious chemistry both musically and personally. Their first song was written in the first practice and is still played by them today, albeit with some minor changes. After a few practices the name was changed to today's far more agreeable and in some ways apt, 'Broken Tusk'. ' was the only one on the list that Matt liked the sound of; it's from a quest in World of Warcraft...'

In 2011, Mike met Producer Alden Beckett through the aforementioned MMORPG game and the band started planning their first release; 2011's EP, 'The Splintering'. The EP would feature 4 favourites of the band, 'Deity', 'Eye of Ruin', 'The Wild Hunt' and 'Matriarch'. It was also to be released at a point where the band had not yet met a drummer so the drums were written by Pete and Alden and then programmed. Recorded primarily at Alden's home studio, the EP was released in the summer of 2011 as a free download.

A little later in 2011, the band would meet Drummer Oliver Woodcock through a mutual friend. Ecstatic to finally meet a drummer who was looking for a band, a practice was set up in a real practice space, A year and a half after the band had formed.

Shortly thereafter, Broken Tusk would play their first gig in the form of Gloucester's now established 'Heaven & Hell Fest'; an all-day festival featuring two floors of local bands and bands from further afeild. Although a little shaky from nerves, the band blasted through their performance and were well received by the local crowd, getting words of praise and encouragement from both other band members and the general public.

In late 2011 the band started planning their first release as a full band; an ambitious full length album. The album is still being recorded and it is planned that the band will release it by themselves as a full physical release with a plastic case and booklet with art and lyrics. Thus far; two tracks from the album have been released.

Keep your eyes peeled for further news from Broken Tusk.

Guitar & Vocals - Matt Ryder
Bass - Michael Jefferies
Guitar & Vocals - Peter Walker
Drums - Ollie Woodcock