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In 1984 BULLDOZER released their debut 7' single Fallen Angel/Another Beer. This record shares the dubious honour with Hellhammer's debut EP as being rated 'The worst record of all times' by respected UK magazine Kerrang.
A band called BULLDOZER was formed in 1980 by Darrio Carria and Andy Panigada. Panigada left the band shortly thereafter. He met AC Wild in 1983. Together with drummer Rob K Cabrini and second bassist Fabrizio Grossi, who would go on to play bass with Steve Vai, they played covers of MOTORHEAD songs. Panigada was contacted again by Carria who wanted to reform Bulldozer and record a single in Milanese dialect. Instead Panigada not only suggested two different tracks but also a new singer, AC Wild. The two infamous songs Fallen Angel and Another Beer were recorded in one take and released as BULLDOZER's vinyl debut.
Notwithstanding the dubious honour awarded by Kerrang, Roadrunner Records signed the band in 1984. The contract contained a special clause noting the fact that AC Wild, as a conscientious objector during the Spadolini government in Italy, did not have a passport and could not travel outside of Italy to perform, for an unknown period of time. 
Before the Roadrunner contract was signed, bassist Carria and drummer Galli, still minors, were caught with tattoos by their parents and both left the band. The new bassist, Don Andras, was nearly 30 years old and had a criminal record, but he was the only drummer around who could thrash a kit. AC Wild, originally a bassist, replaced Carria on bass but invited him to record bass on the album version of Fallen Angel.

'Too punk' according to King Diamond in 1985
In 1985 BULLDOZER released their first album on Roadrunner Records in Europe, the USA and Japan. The band wanted King Diamond to produce the record, he claimed the material was 'too punk' for his taste. Roadrunner appointed Algy Ward from TANK as producer. In a twist of fate TANK had themselves been produced by 'Fast' Eddie Clarke of MOTORHEAD whose songs BULLDOZER covered at the beginning. The British press labeled the band 'Venom clones'. In fact Cronos even jokingly asked for royalties! 
Roadrunner encouraged this erroneous labelling and even re-signed the band for a second album, chosing a rejected photo for the cover. From there on the relationships with Roadrunner and the foreign press broke down completely.
The band, and particularly AC Wild, never accepted the labelling used by the British press. Starting with The Exorcism all the songs were about true experiences, real people or events. Nothing was invented.
The Final Separation was a darker and more serious album. But it had a weak sound and sales dropped. Roadrunner did not take up the option for a third record.
Don Andras left the band, replaced once again by Rob K Cabrini. AC Wild took a leave of absence to perform 20 months of community service.

IX given the first ever Zero rating by magazines
The band decided to self-produce a four-track EP (later side A of IX). They signed to Italian disco label Discomagic. The cover of IX was AC Wild's concept. It contained certain hidden messages and intuitions. The record was strongly criticised in northern Europe and even received the first ever Zero rating by UK magazine Kerrang and German magazine Metal Hammer! The lyrics were targeted as being too extreme and direct. Obviously they completely missed the irony of Mysoginists, Ilona The Very Best, The Derby etc. Only BULLDOZER's hardcore fans in Italy, Poland and Japan liked the album.
In 1987 just before performing in Livorno, the band learned of the death of Dario Carria. From that moment on their playing became more urgent and determined.
They dedicated the next album to him. This time the album is received with respect by certain leading European publications like Aardshock or Metal Forces. The album features keyboards, symphonic sounds, drum sampling – innovative elements adopted by many bands from the nineties until today.

After seeing a festival in Poland, AC Wild is inspired to have the band perform and record a live concert. Alive In Poland was recorded in one take, with no studio retouching, in front of 5500 people in the city of Katowice. BULLDOZER's last concert was held in Milano, Italy in 1990. The band knew it was over. In an interview AC Wild said 'we hope to take steps forward in the future, otherwise we can forget the whole thing. If it means recycling the band's name with nothing new, it's useless to carry on ...'.

BULLDOZER goes experimental and it's labeled a fiasco
In 1992 AC Wild and Panigata decide to record an experimental EP Trilogy: Dance Got Sick with rapper Dr. D.O.P.E. Three tracks in three distinctive styles are recorded. Dance Got Sick is called a fiasco by many hardcore BULLDOZER fans. Others would call it winning at the lottery. One track is covered by the Japanese band Abigail and another is discovered by a famous British DJ in Japan who turns it into a hit. It is re-released on many compilations that sell over one million copies, a new style of music is born. Even PRODIGY are inspired by it.
Whereas IX and Neurodeliri were made with the heart, Dance Got Sick was made with rage and a stroke of genius.

Resurrected from the grave in 2009
The realization, in 2001 and 2007, of prophecies contained in the album IX drove AC Wild and Andy Panigada to reconvene with new drummer Manu ( DEATH MECHANISM) and put into words and music BULLDOZER's point of view on this world.
During the period of hibernation, Aristodemo – nominated honorary member of the band – took it upon himself to promote the band to new generations of fans. His activities are the inspiration for BULLDOZER re-releases, reissues and the most current boxset Regenerated In The Grave by MetalMind.

The new album Unexpected Fate is due out in 2009.
Guest musicians such as Jennifer Batten , Kiko Loureiro, Billy Sheehan, Olaf Thørsen and Anders Rain give the new project a touch of class and, should we stay, some respectability.

The release of the come-back CD give the chance of a "renaissance" for the band. A renewed interest brings the band to start a new chapter of his history. Recuiting lead guitarist Ghiulz from FAUST, G.C.(A.C.'s teen son) on keyboards and Simon, still of D.M., on bass the band start to promote the new release. 
The band had the chance to being guested in major festivals such as Metal Camp, Tuska, Rock Hard etc, alongside band such as Slayer, Kreator, touring Japan and perform shows in many areas of Europe ending with the opening act with their "early time" influence: Motorhead. 

On 2011 Simon left the band, replaced by his fellow band member Pozza and the band start again touring Poland and perform shows and festivals alongside Venom, Marduk and many others covering Europe and South America.

On 2013 the band decided it was the time to relase their first Live DVD to "picture" their blast on live shows.
Recorded at Rock Hard Festival Italy in 2012.

On 2013 Andy begins to wrote some "scraps" for the new album and at the present days the band is still working on it.

1985 THE DAY OF WRATH (Roadrunner) 
1986 THE FINAL SEPARATION (Roadrunner) 
1988 IX (Metalmaster) (Metal Mind)
1989 NEURODELIRI (Metalmaster) (Metal Mind)
1990 ALIVE IN POLAND (Metal Mind)
1992 DANCE GOT SICK (Bulld EP)
2009 UNEXPECTED FATE (Scarlet)
2012 DVD + CD The Neurospirit lives.............
2014 THE EXORCISM (Foad) original 1984 demo LP-CD