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CHAPEL OF DISEASE was formed in the year of 2008. At first the bandlineup was Laurent T.(Vocals/Guitars), Cedric T. (Bass) and David D. (Drums). It didn't take long until the band had to realize, that for the music they were planning on doing, a second guitarplayer was a must. Little time it took until Christian K. was found as the perfect Bassplayer and Cedric took over the second guitar.

In those 4 years that the band would take until finally recording "DEATH EVOKED", some rehearsals took place, more or less CHAPEL OF DISEASE tried to record a demo somewhat around '09, but the band did not manage to work on its music continiously.

It wasn't until 2011 until all of the members got their asses up and had the ambition to finally record their first "real" demo. In April 2012 CHAPEL OF DISEASE released "DEATH EVOKED" via FDA REKOTZ. The response went over very well. CHAPEL OF DISEASE and FDA Rekotz decided on working together for the future as well. In the end of 2012 -hopefully before the total armageddon- CHAPEL OF DISEASE will release its first full length...Let the rotten times roll!