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Chase the Day was born in a dingy Camden basement, the bastard child of one too many hangovers and the frustrations of young men, all bonded together with 90s grunge grooves, epic metallic riffs and hooks that just won't quit. Following the release of a gritty self-titled EP and a slew of chaotic gigs across the capital, we are readying the release of our debut album 'Tabula Rasa' produced by Tommy Gleeson (Slaves to Gravity, The Ga Gas), mixed by Donald Clark (Muse, GnR) and mastered by Mandy Parnell (name your favourite artist, chances are she mastered their record). When we're not holed up in the studio, salivating over pedal porn or playing video games you'll find us onstage at your local spit and sawdust, dancing on broken glass and screaming our hearts out just for you.


Hot press cuttings...

"Chase The Day's new EP is a powerful blend of 90's power metal riffs served on a platform of electronics and blending vocals to produce a powerful combination."

"Chase The Day's five track, self-titled EP is just nice, straight-out rock tunes. With the kind of slant you might expect from Foo Fighters or Queens Of The Stone Age it has its queers and heavy and light subtleties, and they all work seamlessly. So if you're sitting comfortably… dive in!"

"Chase The Day- post Seattle '90s metal/rock-pop with a harmonic Nirvana/Pearl Jam vocalese but a more Foo Fighterly musical setting via a bit of Muse and a big dollop of Screaming Trees though more metally and bludgeoning, but the heaviosity of their rawk does not detract from what is a damn fine effort. Catchy and crunchin'…" BugBear Promotions

"The production is raw, the atmosphere is a small, sweaty club."

"Chase The Day' is a superb EP that shows off the band's experience but even more so their desire to play something fresh and appealing. It is difficult to put them into a specific genre; the grunge melodies of Stone Temple Pilots form the base, but the rest is all sounds of the millennium...The band have the obvious ability to make an impact on the scene, with just the right combination of melody and rock riffs."

"The five tracks that make up the disc sound really tasty, unique, full-bodied and sharp...melodies that are printed in the head by virtue of rather agile, apt and irresistible vocal harmonies, and in groove - the EP literally overflows with riffs,"