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The cursed entity of Church Bizarre sat foot on the forbidden path on the second year of the new millennium. Mediums have changed numerous times but the core and goal was, is and always will be to perform dedicated, genuine and dark death/black metal madness with a difference. After a few tapes, EPs and a Full length album, the temple closed its doors in 2006 due to different reasons that shall forever remain inside the circle.

In 2011, Church Bizarre was reanimated with a new and dedicated line up consisting of A.Larsen – guitars, JBP – vocals, C.S Johansson – drums and Voltage – bass.
The band is currently working hard on material for an upcoming mini album recording to be unleashed via Hells Headbangers in 2012. 
A few selected live shows are planned for 2012 including the Metal magic festival in Frederica, Denmark as well as a show in Gothenburg, Sweden alongside Vulcano (Brazil) and Morbid Insulter (Swe)

More darkness shall follow..