Year Formed


Female fronted progressive metal with classical elements, from Manchester, UK. 

The unsuspecting city of Manchester certainly has its fair share of great underground rock and metal bands to choose from, and no exception to this are Collibus - a band that firmly stands high up in the ranks. The progressive nature of the music, accentuated by symphonic string arrangements, combined with dynamic female vocals, gives Collibus a strong and unique versatility. They possess the ability to transform their sound seamlessly from heavy in-your-face riffage, to face-melting technical sections, to thought provoking melodic passages. 

Since the conception of Collibus in 2004, through years of experience and moulding their craft, they have finally evolved into something much bigger than ever anticipated. Like many other bands, they have soldiered on through line-up changes, breaks, and set-backs, yet the music always remained passionate and true. Circulating the local UK metal scene for best part of a decade, and reaching fans from further afield through EP sales and airplay alone, has earned Collibus their reputation of being a force to be reckoned with. 

With a brand new line-up and the formula now perfected, Collibus are taking things up a gear, and plan on taking 2013 by the horns and shaking up the metal scene beyond all recognition! News of the new album, debut music video, and tour dates to follow... Hold on tight! 

Collibus are: 
Gemma Fox - [DamageScape] - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar 
Stephen Platt - [DamageScape] - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals 
Daniel Mucs - [Dirty Habit/WolfCrusher] - Rhythm Guitar 
Rosie Smith - [Gone Til Winter/Cradle Of Filth] - Keyboards, Backing Vocals 
RJ Kershaw - [Incassum/Warnerve] - Bass 
SJ Douglas - [Sunny Sunday] - Drums