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"From a city oversaturated by death and hardcore metal, Concept of time emerged in late 2006, quickly gaining a local following in their Native Scotland and becoming the 'go to band' for promoters looking to draw a crowd.

2006/2007 was a great period for the band when they released their first demo 'Suffer in Silence', which gained interest from people, labels and magazines/webzines alike.

In this time the band grew further locally, supporting bands such as Blaze Bayley, Korpiklaani, Sabaton and more. After the release of 'Suffer in Silence', Concept of time were offered a few record deals with some independent labels and also some real interest from a few major labels. No deal was reached between both parties due to the deal not being suited to the needs of Concept of time at this point in their career.

2008/2009 witnessed Concept of time furthering their reputation all over the UK, as a band to watch after playing at the UK's premier metal festival Bloodstock Open Air, on the same bill as Nightwish, Alestorm, Opeth, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian and many more.

In this time period also, Concept of time managed to secure the support slots for Kamelot, Anterior, Sabaton (again), Blaze Bayley (again), Serenity and many more.

Between 2007 and 2010 Concept of time had suffered some line up changes, always to the benefit of the band's progression.

Concept of time played some local shows in 2010 but it was only in 2011 when the band was able to mould into their new, bigger and over all better sound, which is the Dark Symphonic metal band they are today.

The band previously used keyboards live, which restricted the sound of the band, later they were replaced by Orchestral arrangements, written by Tom and Phillip. The band and fans have never looked back, the music speaks for itself."