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Alternative rock plus doom rock plus old school heavy metal and punk. Originally formed as Needlebliss in the late 90s when they were still at school in north London, the name taken from a tv comedy show. They were playing rip off music of Iron Monkey at the time. They kept jamming and jamming and listening to a lot of down-tuned blues metal then eventually decided to play some gigs and write proper songs, mixing doom and desert rock vibes with alternative rock, punk and hardcore a ton of heavy metal and some twisted Motorhead-on-acid style rock n roll, Crybaby Deathmatch became a 'proper band' sometime between 2009 - 2010. 

The founding duo of Coley and Del was joined by Dan in October 2010. Dan unfortunately sh*t himself one too many times after the usual post-rehearsal meal of a takeaway burrito, made his excuses and left. When the smoke (and smell) had cleared, a French magician by the name of Jerome took his place and once again bass was back in the place, London. Note: Jerome is actually a magician by trade as well as training people to use medical equipment, working for a University and God-knows-what else it is he does. Nice.
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