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1 year ago Matt Hockham sat on his sofa and churned out some songs on his guitar to his amigo and most metal of drummers Steve Ebsworth. After a year of writing and rehearsing they are happy with their live performance and decide 'let's get it all burned'( Nothing worse than a band sounding awesome on your ipod if they 'aint worth s**t when you see them play eh?). "We write what we write and we love everything metal. We sincerely hope you do too". 

October 2012: Whilst Steve and Matt are working on recording the album we get news from Loic (Band manager) about 2 guys he reckons would complete the line up and unleash Dead Before Mourning on to the world's stage. Of course we couldn't wait so as soon as it was humanly possible we arranged an informal Jam and meet at potting shed studios. The lads came in, Sat down and just slotted straight in (ooer!). Dom Harvey jumped straight in and his dedication and enthusiasm was more than we could have ever expected. Exactly the same with Pat McGarvey, it's so cool to hear bass played the way it should be, Pat is full of ideas and joining forces with Steve will no doubt give Dead Before Mourning a rhythm section resembling sweet organised artillery.

So now we are four and the world is ours. The story continues...........................