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Dead Beyond Buried were formed in Essex during 1996 and had gigged with bands like Stampin Ground and Enmity at the time. During a show in 1998 Paul Ryan and Niall (formerly of Cacophonus Records) contacted DBB to put an EP on tape which was recorded in the Enmity drummers home studio. The band, under the name 'Fallen' at the time recorded a 4 track EP entitled 'Facefucker'

A couple of years later vocalist Oli Marchant had major back surgery and the rest of the band during this 18 month period created a batch of songs, most of which were scrapped. DBB probably have over 100 songs if they'd kept them all!

After recording a few demos in their local rehearsal and recording studio, Musictek, they decided to compile an album, for no reason but to document their songs, and Condemned To Misery was birthed from this in four days flat. Mixed and mastered by drummer John Biscomb.

After discovering Myspace around 2004-ish and realising its power the band put their music up and shortly after this were contacted by Siege of Amida Records. DBB ended up being SOAR's third signing after Chaos Blood and Rose Funeral.

The band went on to release Condemnded To Misery via SOAR and recieved major magazine press and a string of excellent reviews, a 9/10 in Metal Hammer and more in Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance etc.