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The Name
Din Brad
 (English – 'from the fir tree') creates a direct connection with the nature. The fir is a symbol of immortality, of life and vitality over passing any challenge. A universe gathering the force of life as a circle reveals a local spirituality filled with deep meanings. The fir tree is a constant presence in the local traditional ceremonies: each newborn was symbolically assigned with a fir tree in the forest to whom he would partner with and cherish all his life. If a person was dying far from home, the local community would celebrate a burial ritual of a fir tree as a symbolical replacement of the lost member of the community. This equivalence (one man of the community for one tree of the forest) goes deep down the heart of the local soul opening paths to different way of understanding and approaching nature. These are the paths Din Brad will explore.

The Story
Din Brad
 is a personal view on the Romanian traditional music. Din Brad was developed as a chance to offer a different dimension of our interest and views on the local Romanian folklore, history and spirituality. Romanian traditional music is rich, complex and diverse. The goal is to shape through the music of Din Brad a personal vision on the local traditional music, it's ceremonial and social value as well as the deep connection with the natural and spiritual surroundings. It won't be something just about music, but as much as about traditional meanings, symbols and knowledge.
Thought of since 2002 by Negru, the idea of Din Brad grew until 2008 when things started to came to reality. Prophecy Productions were impressed by the original concept, so a contract was signed immediately.
The debut album, Dor, is exploring the characteristic Romanian feelings of mourn and yearn which for many are emblematic characteristics of the Romanian soul. The traditional folklore is abundant in songs and poems portraying these feelings and the consequent rituals and ceremonials, that's why we saw as fit using on the album some pure and unaltered traditional songs, performed by actual local performers. The album was recorded in early 2011 in Negura MUSIC studios, produced by Negru and is being released by Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions.
2011 will see the first live appearances for Din Brad. We are more than eager to present our musical views on stage, so you can expect something unique and spectacular.