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DispersE was formed in December 2007 in Przeworsk, Poland. The initiatiors of the band's birth were Marcin Kicyk, Rafa? Biernacki and Jakub ?ytecki. A year before that, Rafa? and Jakub had met at music school and decided to try and play together. During one of their concerts they were noticed by Marcin Kicyk (a bass player, who at that time was studying in Przeworsk) who suggested a meeting. It soon turned out that the young artists share the same musical interests and, as a result, they started their first rehearsals and decided to form a band.

In six months they composed four songs. By the end of June a session drummer – Konrad Biczak (ex- Artrosis, Sacriversum) turned up in a band. DispersE started to carry out their ideas and was thinking about recording their demo album. At the beginning of July their first debut demo album entitled 'Promo 2008' was recorded in SPAART studio in Boguchwa?a by Jacek M?odochowski. Together with Konrad, Disperse played occasionally small concerts and performed with Brain Connect at GO-ROCK festival in Stalowa Wola. 

In summer of 2008 Konrad quitted the band, but Przemys?aw Nycz took his place immediately. Inspired by meditation, sounds of nature and bands like Cynic, ToTo, Portal, Aeon Spoke, Planet X, Devin Townsend, Allan Holdsworth the group created new compositions, without noticeable stylistic boundaries. Vast range of musical fascinations is reflected in songs which with natural ease knock at the doors of progressive rock, fusion, jazz... Also when it comes to lyrics, the band focuses on noteworthy issues. Most often they invoke human nature, the remarkable potential of which is misused to create grounds for social pathology, generate pain and evil in the name of false good... 

DispersE was thinking about recording a full-length album. Disperse was noticed by Riverside who invited them to take part in nine concerts during their 'Anno Domini High Definition' tour in Poland. Plans of recording a debut album met with the interest of Piotr 'Mitloff' Kozieradzki, drummer of Riverside and founder of Prog Team Management. Managed by 'Mitloff' and lead by Pawe? 'Janos' Grabowski DispersE recorded their debut album. The material was mixed by Szymon Czech (Studio X) while Grzgorz Piwowski took care of mastering. At that time Disperse again was given an opportunity to promote their music, this time by performing in prestigious club – Progresja in Warsaw.

In 2010 Disperse was reaching the final of almost year-long work on their debut album, which was released on April 5th. 'Journey Through The Hidden Gardens' by DispersE is consisted of nine tracks which enrapture listeners with their maturity, what in comparison with the young age of the artists makes it even more attractive. Although it might be a bit of a challenge to beat the debut material, Disperse makes us hope for even greater musical experiences in the future.

Demanding and attentive listeners taken on the journey through the hidden gardens will definitely expect that. DispersE promoted their debut album during a concert on the air of Polish Radio PiK on June 10th. On August 14th in picturesque Charlotta Valley near S?upsk they supported MARILLION. 


Intensive work on second long-play album is becoming a priority. However, DispersE took part in Cieszanów Rock Festival in 2011 and their first foreign concert at Euroblast Festival in Germany. 

DispersE is still working on their album. They've just found their A&R manager Justyna Kesler. The new chapter has just begun...

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