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"Energy, conviction and an ear for the edgy... The highlights flow like a savage, crystal clear river." - Screamer Magazine (Los Angeles)

"Amazing vocals... the songwriting is impeccable." - Royal Flush Magazine

"Double Experience have staked their claim as a force to be reckoned with." - (Europe)

"Executed with a great deal of style and humour... 9/10" - All About The Rock (UK)

That's Double Experience's debut full-length "721835" that has the global rock community talking. The young purveyors of prog rock for the ADD generation have successfully crafted an album devoid of the genre's usual brooding seriousness and pseudo-intellectual barrier to entry. "721835" was released exclusively in the form of collectible trading cards prior to its official launch on August 1, 2014 and was recorded by fellow science-fiction aficionado Al Jacob (He is Legend, A Skylit Drive) in North Carolina.

The Canadians belie their age and have learned much since spawning from the Ottawa valley in 2011. Mere weeks after the band's union on Canada Day, their debut release was recorded and produced by up-and-comer Jayson DeZuzio (Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance) in New Jersey. During this time, Double Experience were also given the opportunity to record theme music for "The Legend of Thunder", a popular Machinima director / Video Game Commentator with over 59 million channel views.

Still, a vibrant record like "721835" is not unlike opening a fresh can of paint. You can simply admire the colours and imagine what it might look like painted on the wall, but its intended purpose can radically transform its surroundings. A typical Double Experience show is not unlike dumping out this analogous paint over unsuspecting audiences, and after more than 500 shows across six countries, their Pollock n' roll masterpiece has already begun to take shape. Double Experience have played everywhere from video game stores and museums to tattoo conventions in stadiums and everywhere in-between. Their travels also included a showcase at Canadian Music Week 2014 and a fifty date tour of the United Kingdom.

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