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Driven Apart are a melodic metal band based in Manchester, UK, fusing anthemic melodies with fist-pumping rhythms. Taking their cues from classic and thrash metal, updating these with a modern feel, DA are creating a new sound for the UK.

Working hard on completing music for live and recording, the band have began gigging in 2013 and are seeking shows all around the Northwest.

Driven Apart has been knocking about in various forms for a number of years, until Leigh Davies came to Manchester and left D.A. on a back-burner to join Rancour. After enjoying playing with this band, Leigh eventually left to write and concentrate on Driven Apart once more working with their drummer, Chris O'Rourke.

Rob Dee was found to cement the fundamental groove of the band's sound, and a none more perfect fit for the role could be imagined. The chaps began learning the existing songs - it was becoming clear that the band wasn't sounding like anything in Manchester at the time.

After much hunting, and many auditions, the band finally found Danny Hindley - a guitar player with the technique and style that complimented the band perfectly. They then found Adam Luckman, a guitarist whose playing and demeanor fit in so well with the guys and the music, it was a great match from the get go.

One final piece was needed and a chance meeting lead to the introduction of Mike Coyle into the band as new vocalist. Taking his cues from the classic metal vocalists with great stage flair, charisma and an ear for a great melody he fit in with the guys and immediately started making his mark.

So with much laughing, hard work and a tight fit for 6 people in a practice room, Driven Apart are whole and will be playing live soon near you.