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Em Ruinas band initiated its journey in january/2002, and arised from the 'Ruins' of two other prior projects that didn't come to full terms ( M.A.S.S and Hellrazor), using the moniker 'Em Ruínas', giving props to its creation. The main goal of the band is to keep the proud history written by the true warriors that made the brazilian Heavy Metal a reality and to retrieve the true essence of Metal itself, that may have been lost in time but not forgotten as far as Metal attire goes, and last but not least, the undoubtful True sound of Metal, bringing back the real meaning of words like 'Metal' and 'Headbanger', and the true 'Underground' attitude, through the universal language known as music, using it as a means of contesting, bringing revolution back into the plate and playing with attitude, as a true form of statement. Em Ruínas has 7 songs released on their first record , trying to mix a fast and heavy sound with powerful, outbursting lyrics that focus on the bad things human beings do, their mixed up values and the eventual consequences of their acts, reflecting in everything around them, even themselves, bringing the world around them into ruins: Burn in Hell (The Self Damnation), Nuclear Nightmare (Power in Devastation), Son of Hell (Hammer's Trial), Morbid Pits, Only the Brave Ones Dare…,Tribute to the Brave Ones, Headbanger Race (Warriors of Tomorrow), the latter one a true homage to those who somehow fight to keep the 'True' Metal always alive. Plus, a Violent Force cover medley for the songs Destructed Life and Dead City (Destructed City – Velbert meets São Paulo), with special guest from their original drummer on drums, Atomic Steif. And two more songs now: No Speed Limit and Somente a Morte é Real. In 2009 the band was invited to join the first Official Onslaught Tribute (The Devil's Legion), which recorded the song 'Let there be Death' – 'ONLY THE BRAVE ONES DARE… ONLY THE DARING ONES WILL BE THE WINNERS!!!'