Year Formed


Entropy originally formed in 1996, when Karl Rigby & Darran Cooper came together in school to start a band. Within a few months Rob Boyd joined as drummer and the band started their musical journey together which would see them playing shows in their school, progressing onto the local circuit in Liverpool to a great reception, before disbanding in 2001. Musical differences started to creep in, and it was evident that members of the band wanted to try different things. Karl, Rob and Phil (Original Bassist) started a new band, Akira, taking influences more from the emergence of Nu-Metal, while Darran focused on creating the original music he set out to make, Melodic Thrash Metal.

Akira didn't last, and soon disbanded to pursue separate interests. 

Darran, Karl & Rob's friendships remained, so the possibility of a re-union was always talked about in drunken conversations. Although Darran and Phil never saw eye to eye in terms of musicality, their relationship remained solid. Fast-forward to 2006, when the opportunity to play a Dimebag Darrell Tribute gig in The Zanzibar, presented itself, and Darran was approached by Karl, Rob and Phil, to see if he'd like the chance to play bass guitar at the gig. Darran agreed, and it seemed like the foundation was set for an Entropy re-union. Although the gig went well, Darran and Phil's musical differences caused damaging effects to any reconciliation. They would never see eye to eye on anything musically, and progression was slow at best. For this reason, Darran, Karl, Rob & Phil parted ways once again.

In 2008, after a period of 2 years away from any band activity, Darran had been working hard on material, and believed that he had something heavy, fast & aggressive, within some of the songs he'd made..... But there was something missing! The ingredients that only more pair of ears can give to make a song go from decent to 'HOLY SHIT', and Darran felt those ingredients came in the form of Karl Rigby & Rob Boyd. Unbeknown to Darran, Karl was also working hard on material. The three met to discuss the possibility of a third reconciliation.... One last shot! It was agreed that for the progress to be made, Phil would not be included in this reform, so the three guys went into the practice room to thrash it out all over again. Within that first practice, something happened.... The creativity of the three combined to create this wall of uncompromising, brutal, fast, aggressive music that, it would seem, had been locked inside for nearly 7 years. For the next 12 months, in between having kids, marriages and christenings, the three guys stuck at it and wrote songs that they were proud to play. Songs that didn't fit into a clique or style, just music that 'THEY' want to play!

Entropy searched extensively in 2009 to find a bass guitarist that they felt added to the sound of what they were trying to achieve, as well as having the vibe and character to belong in the band. In November 2009, that search ended with Ian McCormack joining the band. He brought his awesome character and talent to complete the line-up, and on the back of this, the band went into the studio to record their first demo, 'Re-Initiated', which would feature Ian's first recorded efforts for the band. The demo was received well, and on the back of this, the band began booking gigs towards the end of 2009!

After a hectic and successful year of gigging in 2010, which saw the band cover ground all over the North West, they entered AKU Recording Studios to record their debut E.P. entitled Reclamation, which has received positive feedback from fans around the world, as well as some awesome reviews. In 2011, the band again gigged extensively around the North West, as well as hosting their own metal night, 'Metal Assault', at the Zanzibar Club in Liverpool which achieved moderate success first time out.

However, things took a drastic turn towards the end of 2011, when Karl Rigby, Co Founder of the original band, was forced to leave due to personal reasons. This, like many things in the history of Entropy, was a challenge, and not one they were going to concede to. Armed with a rejuvenated hunger and aggression, they set about auditioning replacement guitarists to fill those big shoes that Karl had left behind. In January 2012, that search is now over…… John Hunter, formerly of Force Of Habit, contacted the band to audition, and made an instant impact. He brings his outright technical ability and vision to add newer, spicier ingredients, to create some awesome lead guitar licks, and complete the Entropy sound. 

This year, Entropy look to again, work hard gigging as far and wide as possible, to continue to support heavy music with our unique style of melodic infused thrash metal, and to bring heavy music to the masses, only one question remains...... Are you ready?