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Like so many times before this story starts off with a few beers ... When Jimmy quit Soilwork, it was not because music wasn't a part of him anymore rather than he wanted to do something else. He met Martin Langen out at the pub and the ideas started to boil. 

Not long after that the recruiting started and with John, John, Jesper (yes, four names that begin with J) and Erik. This resulted in thefoundation for what that today is Faithful Darkness. With musical inspiration from all that the metalworld had to over, to agree was always a hard decision, but every decision made contributing to creative compromises.

And soon began the epic (Rhapsody of Fire) quest of conquering Sweden with gigs around the country. Not long after that, inspired by everything from Europe to Dimmu Borgir and Marduk their debut album was released, "In Shadows Lies Utopia". Strongly followed with support gigs to Soilwork, Evergrey and Sonic Syndicate.

After some lineup changes and internal turbulence Faithful Darkess stands strong, ready once again! With a new album, "Black Mirror's Reflection" in production, they will do everything, anything (anyone) they can to be able to do what they do best. Play, entertain, provoke and have a really fucking good time!