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Forsaken World was born in August 2010. 
"Flyshredd" (Fenrir, Moonlord, Despair'hate) and "Dyp" (Gloomy Embody Abysmal, Moonlord, V) met each other at the MAI (Music Academy International), tastes and passion (and humor!) of the two comrades makes them more closer, and each appreciates the work of the other, so a collaboration was required ...

The Music breathes Nordic Melodic Death Metal influences with his catchy melodies, but also a lot of sharped riffs that are borrowed of the Metalcore/Deathcore scene and his devastating rhythms. All coupled with a Voice who is aggressive and wicked, but also handle intense feelings, and it's especially varied.

Duo of concrete being formed, the compositions and "bitings" lyrics begins as well, which will give life to the band's first album "As Time Reflects Our End" the 30 March 2012, with a production signed "Dyp" & "Brett Caldas-Lima" and a artwork by, So get ready and fasten your seatbelts, you don't have end up to hearing about us.