Year Formed
County Fermanagh


GARGANTUAN were formed in early 2008. Based in county Fermanagh in Northern Ireland which is renowned for music, but of not of the extreme variety, the band set out to write completely original music, incorporating the various genres which appealed to them including death, black, thrash, brutal and technical death metal. The band set out to establish a style, but found it difficult to conform to a particular format whilst trying to incorporate so many different influences into their music. Unable to confine the brutality to a particular genre, the band ceased trying direct their music and simply went with the flow of the molten metal. With the help and encouragement of friends and metal heads from Ireland and further afield, GAGRGANTUAN have played gigs in venues all over Ireland. The band owe a great debt of thanks to bands such as Existing Threat and Overoth, who have granted them the opportunity to play with some top international bands such as Godhate, Shadow's Far and Empatic. The band recorded their first EP 'GARGANTUAN' in 2010 with the help of John Moffat of the Oaks Recording Studio in Fermanagh. With an EP under their belt and having had time to perceive upon what they were trying to achieve, the band is now zealously writing and performing new material in a bid to scar their mark upon the masses!