Year Formed
The Netherlands


GOLD is a contemporary rock band who's heavy because of the songs, not because of the sound. This quintet focuses on form and content, where their instruments are mere means to express. With their worldly drive and forward vision, GOLD is a unique band in today's heavy rock scene. 

The songwriting core of GOLD exists of guitarist Thomas Sciarone (ex-The Devil's Blood) and singer Milena Eva and is enriched by Igor Wouters (drums), Harm Haverman (bass) and Nick Polak (guitar).
With 'Interbellum' GOLD deliver their first full-length album. Each single song on the album is a well-crafted piece of music and a story on it's own, however 'Interbellum' as an album is more than the sum of the parts. It's a monument to our time and to a civilization in decline. It deals with instability and the fear of things to come. But 'Interbellum' also offers a spark of love and hope in an attempt to give meaning to life in modern times. 

The band's not so secret weapon is Milena Eva, who dominates in the same way Grace Slick did on those Jefferson Airplane albums in the 1960s: whether Milena is mournful, tender, extolling the virtues of love or raging at the divine, the band weaves their luscious melodies and hook-laden riffs around her breathtaking vocal harmonies, ultimately creating a dynamic, varied and adventurous backdrop against which she can shine. Add to that a sonically fresh and modern scope, and the only conclusion we can reach is that GOLD has something unique and interesting to offer. 

Through performances on festivals such as Roadburn and Hell Over Hammaburg and on stages all across the Netherlands, the band has gained a quick reputation as a tight ass and encharming live band that does not need to invoke any spiritual forces to give their crowd a mind blowing rock experience. In fall of 2013, GOLD will embark on their first European tour, sharing the stage with Audrey Horne and Karma To Burn.