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Good Foxy began when bass player Freddie Bruhin-Price heard estranged pal George Banks play a storming version of Neil Young's "Old Man" at an open mic event one Sunday afternoon in Clitheroe, when both were just 16 years old. Swiftly bonding over each other's love of blues, Americana and 60s Rock, and deciding they must start a band to emulate their heroes, they added Henry Crabtree, the most talented guitarist they knew, and drummer Callum Sykora, George's old school friend and former bandmate in the short-lived New Natives. When Henry's old mucker James Robinson watched the four-piece play live he was so impressed he asked to join. Soon his keyboard skills had become an indispensable part of the Good Foxy sound.

Though they had begun with their heroes Cream, Led Zeppelin and recent successes Tame Impala in mind, Good Foxy had soon developed their own ethereal, funky sound. After the self-financed recording of an acclaimed album whose diverse charm is now catching the attention of radio stations around the country and across the world, the band has cemented its fearsome live reputation with slots at festivals in 2016 including The Great Escape, Y NOT, Solfest and Beat-Herder.