Year Formed


Gorehead are an Death Metal/Gore band that was formed in September of 2011 when all 4 members met on a Music course at Trafford College Music Base. 

We specialize in a barrage of disgusting/vomit inducing gory music and themes designed to explore the most sickening and sadistic aspects of the human mind whilst maintaining a sense of humour and having a laugh so dont take us too fucking seriousl


We've not been around long but we've done a shed load of gigs across the board since our formation, wowing,shocking and or making audience laugh where ever we tend to go! We've supported Oblivionized and Human cull on their tour dates in manchester and liverpool aswell as having two manc academy gigs under our belt (FUCK DUSTY FLOP!). At the moment we're concentrating on getting to the metal to the masses final and dragging our arses to bloodstock to play that!

Any tracks you want to listen to just go on our reverbnation profile (via facebook) or just search us on soundcloud and download the shit for free.

I guess is the part where other bands say ''Yah we're currently working on our first new EP!'' but eh to be honest we dont know what the fuck we're writing for, dont even know if we're going to do a demo, an album or a christmas single! All we know is, when we've managed to form the sloppy mess of our music into one block of structure you'll be the first to know and you'll be able tpopick up whatever it is at any one of our gigs! (With professional CD cases from B&M bargains ofc) 

Whether our music makes you cum or shit yourself in despair we guarantee we wont sound like all the other fucking bands that sound like they just walked out of metal hammer or kerrang, fuck em!

Piss,Hate And Gore! (y)-Luch