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Rio de Janeiro, RJ


Green Express is an international rock n' roll band from the brazilian southeast coast, Rio de Janeiro to the world. Gex band was originally formedin 2007 and it consists of Daniel Green (Guitar / Lead vocal) , Lipes (Guitar) , Butch (Bass) and Tomaz Lenz (Drums). The new album 'Gex' (#14 original tracks) will be released worldwide in April/2013 and the band is proudly announcing their first world tour covering european

venues and festivals in may/2013 (summer season). Green Express draws its inspiration from the world underground music, introspective poetry and the true-rock music movement .

'Gex' Album Review (Press Release, By Simon Hadley , UK)

'..their workmanlike brand of rock has an authentic quality; it has its own character. Gex is blessed with the intensity of grunge and the melodic sensibilities of alt-rock, while occasionally slipping into neo-psychedelia territory. A mature record with widespread appeal.'

(Chybucca Sounds , UK January 20, 2013)

Actually , Green Express is working very hard on the new album release and

the upcoming tour dates. We are currently available for contact at