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Gun Metal Gray is a five piece heavy metal band hailing from Harrisburg, PA. Formed in October 2011.

Having played in other bands in the past, the guys knew what they didn't want to do: play the same Top-40 cover songs that every other band plays on every weekend in every other bar down the street. They wanted to do something different. They wanted to put on a performance that transcended far beyond what an audience would expect from a "cover band" and to bring the arena rock feel to the small stage... to make every fan feel like he or she had just left a rock concert, rather than just leaving the bar.

While playing the music of metal gods like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden was fun, the guys had tasted the blood of original music and were thirsty for more. They set an ambitious goal of releasing an all-original EP in early 2014. 

In March the band released its all-original EP, entitled "Salvation."

"Salvation" is a concept album that defines Gun Metal Gray to the core. Its three songs - Doom, Chains That Bind, and Salvation - will take you on a journey that represents the decayed state of today's popular "music," breaking free from that apocalyptic world, and finding enlightenment.

Salvation. Metal!