Year Formed
England / London


HEX was initially conceived sometime in mid-June of 2011 in a field in Clisson, France, when two drunks from Stoke Newington met and realised that they had two other things in common: they both played instruments and liked bands that didn't suck.
It was during the recovery period after Hellfest 2011, that Dan Allery (guitars) and Spike Lindsey (drums) met on home turf and jammed for the first time. Magic Happened. A bass player HAD to be found.

That's when Mark James (bass… obviously) entered the picture, responding to an add the guys had placed in the rehearsal space.
With Marks deft and skilful rumblings now underpinning the Doom-Laden Grooves of PowerTM , the hunt was on for a vocalist to complete the line-up.

After an exhausting (and in several cases – hilarious) number of auditions, hope was almost given up until the internet FINALLY paid off and did something useful that didn't involve boobs, when Andy Hutton responded to an add on Gumtree.

With influences ranging from Tool, Pantera, Melvins, Deftones and the like, the connection in the rehearsal room was instantaneous, and within a month, HEX we're playing their first show at The Waiting Rooms in Stoke Newington. They were told afterwards that venue's short lived experiment in booking metals band was over, because they we're rattling plates off the tables in the restaurant upstairs…

Since then, HEX have gone on to play more incendiary live shows, including the destruction of the Dublin Castle in Camden in January (…right here -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skwbzU7lPyg).
You can find our first three tracks available to stream or download via SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/hexdrugsandrocknroll) and get a sneak peek into the recording process, as well as learning a little more about the band with our introduction Documentary 'HEX Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll' on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILvRUFVP4kE