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HC started in late 2003. Based in SouthfuckingLondon. The bands initial ultimate aim: Fudge Tunnel V. Can. First gig was at the Buffalo Bar, Highbury Corner, September '03, with Trencher. January '04 the debut album 'HATES YOU' was released, 12' only. 'This'll have your mum in floods of tears. Good; Hey Colossus hates your mum. (4.5 / 5)' said INDIE ROCK Website Drowned In Sound. What did they know? 

Then came a split 7' with Notts finest, Lords. Followed quickly in 2005 by album number two, cunningly entitled 'II', which came out in the U.S on Shifty Records, home to the greatest sludge rock. 'At their zenith, in the midst of the longform workouts, they come close to touching simultaneous blisspoints of Neu!'s motorik momentum and Bardo Pond's fathomless well of distortion.' said jazz mag WIRE. They know their onions.

If memory serves, a session on Radio One for Huw Stephens followed where HC did a version of Stereolab's Noise Of Carpet. Other Radio action includes a Session for Glass Shrimp on ResonanceFM and another Radio One thing where a version of Long Long Long was recorded for a Beatles tribute. Anyhow…

Some gigs with Boris, Oneida, Comets On Fire, SHIT+SHINE. A collaboration 12' with killer Southend skronk band Woe under the name Woe Colossus dropped on the small London based imprint State Of Distress. A split 7' with The Phil Collins 3 on Victory Garden, a 4 way 10' with Todd/Part Chimp/Lords, a split 12' with Japanese DOOM masters dot(.