Hornet re-energise rock 'n' roll at its unpretentious best with a fusion of punk and metal having been described as a '21 year-old AC/DC with Henry Rollins on vocals!'

Hornet, consisting of Joe Thompson (Vocals), Tollef Rikje-Pearson (Guitar), Max Thompson (Bass) and Alex Burt (Drums), have enthralled audiences across the United Kingdom over 180 times having played sold-out shows at The Borderline, The O2 Academy2 Islington and the infamous Intrepid Fox, Soho.

'Rock is all about getting up on that stage, going all out and doing whatever you wanna do, we put on a wild, raucous show like no other.' says Bassist, Max Thompson, 'Rock stars have to be outrageous, it's all about grabbing people's attention and that's exactly what we do.'

Hornet recorded their first demo with producer Jason Wilcock (Fightstar, You Me At Six) at London's Stakeout Studios. Pedro Ferreira, Producer/Engineer of The Darkness' multi platinum selling album 'Permission to Land' re-mixed Second Hand Smoke and Ade Emsley, who recently mastered Iron Maiden's album 'From Fear To Eternity' mastered the track.

Pedro Ferreira said 'Excellent live show... I see Second Hand Smoke as a big hit! I think your recordings sound great. You manage to capture all the energy of the band and that is the most important thing.'

'The world is crying out for a great rock 'n' roll band. It has been for ages. That's why the time is right for Hornet!' adds Frontman, Joe Thompson.

Hornet has received worldwide airplay and requests on Tom Russell's 96.3FM Rock Radio, the 'B' List of TotalRock Radio, The Rock Show, 90.9FM L'Autre Monde and the 'A' List on 87.7FM Hastings Rock just to name a few.

Having played sold-out hometown shows at The Crypt where the likes of Gallows, Ash, Electric Six have played, Hornet have also shown they can grace the big stage having played The Underworld, The White Rock Theatre and The De La Warr Pavilion.

'We are a band that will last, a band that can stand the test of time, a band that will be here in 30+ years' time and will be remembered for having made our mark on the world like the other rock giants' remarks Tollef Rikje-Pearson. 'We're going to do it by working hard, by getting into people's minds and not going away. We will prove to the world what we're all about.'

Hornet work hard on and off stage and will be one of the biggest, multi platinum selling rock bands, their rise to super-stardom depends on one thing… whether a major label has big enough balls to take on this rock leviathan.