Year Formed
New York


Improving on the foundation of technical, neck-snapping death metal that they helped build beginning in the late 1980s, IMMOLATION lumber forth with the seventh chapter in their legendary career, Shadows in the Light. The group recorded their latest collection of deathly dirges within the hallowed halls of Millbrook Sound Studios, once home to such diverse acts as Anthrax, Zakk Wylde and Twisted Sister. With tracks like 'Deliverer of Evil," 'Lying with Demons" and 'Whispering Death," listeners can expect no less than top form. Some bands make their mark and quickly fizzle out. IMMOLATION is not one of those bands. Originally called Rigor Mortis, the band was unexpectedly born amidst the relatively peaceful environs of Yonkers, New York. Little did the city know a small, but mighty group of restless teens would emerge from its epicenter to help create the most brutal sound the world would ever hear. The group quickly changed their name before releasing their second demo in 1988. Demo 1 caught the eye of Roadrunner Records, with whom they released one of the best debut albums in metal history, Dawn of Possession. The album was rife with the technical, dual-guitar riffing that has come to define the band's sound and separate IMMOLATION from its followers. Since the release of their debut, IMMOLATION has made an organic move toward incorporating more groove while retaining complex arrangements, down-tuned guitar duels and hellish vocals. The band released three albums with Metal Blade Records: Here in After (1996), Failures for Gods (1999) and Close to a World Below (2000). Terrorizer magazine recently included Failures for Gods in its all-time Top 40 Death Metal Albums list. It wasn't until after the release of Close to a World Below that the band joined the Century Media roster for the North American release of Unholy Cult in 2002. Harnessing Ruin followed three years later and, like anything tagged with the IMMOLATION name, was well-regarded by mainstream press and death metal legions alike. Outburn wrote, 'Based purely on songwriting prowess, experimentation within a stagnant genre and musical diversity, Harnessing Ruin is hands down one of the more interesting death metal releases in years. On Shadows in the Light, IMMOLATION trademarks like discordant harmonies, distinctive grooves and the gloomiest of atmospheres are all well represented in their purest, most unadulterated fashion. 'The new stuff is more extreme in a lot of ways. It's much more tense and angry than the last couple of records," says Ross Dolan (bass/vocals). 'It's more refined, straight-forward and fine-tuned. Returning with the same lineup as Harnessing Ruin, dubbed 'the most skull-crushing of their entire necro-rompin' career" by Revolver, the group finds itself uncharacteristically stable, allowing for chemistry not present in their formative years. Founding members Dolan and Robert Vigna (guitar) join Bill Taylor (guitar) and Steve Shalaty (drums) to form the group's most consistently punishing lineup to date. Long known for its ability to develop and grow with each release, IMMOLATION more than lives up to its reputation as death metal's most reliable band, having never released anything close to mediocre in their storied career. Not only is Shadows in the Light a perfect example of the group's continued growth, but it may also be their most complete sounding album ever with 10 unique, hard-hitting tracks. The band will be headlining gigs from Spain to Holland in June with support from fellow legends and death-mongers Grave and Krisiun. Plans to return Stateside for what will surely be a devastating North American campaign are in the works. If you've missed out on these much-heralded exporters of death and destruction, Shadows in the Light is your opportunity to witness history in the making.