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INFINITE TRANSLATION is born in 2004 when the two founding members, Max Maniac and Fishkiller, met each other.

Inspired by the old school Heavy/Thrash Metal, they began to write their first compositions in 2005 and Jon Whiplash joined the band at the end of the year. In order to move toward a more insane music, the band decided to rewrite some old compositions in a more thrashy style.

Along with Mass Grave, IT recorded in June 2008 a Split/Demo called 'Scream from Underground'.

As they became more and more a pure Thrash Metal act, IT planned to record a straightforward Thrash album and hardened by an increasing experience, they started to write the 'Impulsive Attack' album's compositions.
The recording of 'Impulsive Attack' was executed in Midnight Studio in the beginning of March 2009.
The style is now well define, a straightforward Thrash Metal in the vein of Razor, Sacrifice and old Sepultura.

Gui Haunting joined the band just after the recording of "Impulsive Attack", (out in may 2010 on 
EmanesMETAL Records).
As an old school thrash metal addict, he fits very well with the band and INFINITE TRANSLATION became more determined than ever to thrash your life.

In May 2012, two years after the release of "Impulsive Attack", IT recorded his second album called "Masked Reality" which blows your head off since the 29th of September 2012, again, under the banner of EmanesMETAL records).