Year Formed


 ..INVERACITY is a brutal death metal act originating from Athens/ Greece. The band was formed in 1998 by drummer Vagelis and guitarist Antonis. The line-up was completed in the following couple of years with the coming of vocalist Dionisis and bass-player Lefteris. As a result, the debut demo CD "Defeated Humans Raped" was released in late 2000, demonstrating a mixture of grind with primitive brutal death. Following the demo release, INVERACITY performed several times in small gigs and metal-fests.

2001: Armed with a new vocalist named Marios, INVERACITY recorded 4 tracks for the split LP with Swedens INSISION. The overall result was sicker with faster playing, tighter sound and artwork by Timo Ketola (MURDER SQUAD, KAAMOS, etc.). The split vinyl was released early 2002 by local underground label Nuclear Winter Records and later got wider distribution when it was re-released (on CD format this time) by Germanys Revenge Productions. A few months later Inveracity got signed with Tennessee-based Unmatched Brutality Records. 

Many more shows followed until summer of 2003 when the band completed their debut album entitled "Circle Of Perversion". The 11 tracks that the CD contains are far more brutal, fast & improved than the band's previous efforts. This time they decided to handle the production and the mixing themselves (assisted by Greg of 5 studio) in order to reach the killer outcome. The CD finally hit the underground in December of 2003. "Circle Of Perversion" received overwhelming reviews from the global underground establishing INVERACITY as one of Europe's most brutal death metal values. 

Several local shows followed, giving INVERACITY the opportunity to share the stage with internationally-acclaimed bands and to headline numerous local gigs and metal-fests. The gigs went on until summer of 2004 when Marios parted ways with INVERACITY due to his inability to follow the band's schedule. He was immediately replaced by former ANGRIST vocalist, George. On October of the same year INVERACITY toured Europe along with GODLESS TRUTH and DESPONDENCY. The "Circle Of Tyranny" tour covered Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic, giving INVERACITY the chance to share the stage with significant underground bands.

INVERACITY has appeared in multiple death metal events as Prague DeathFest, Ludwigshafen DeathFest and Rotterdam DeathFest and planning further touring activity for the near future.