Year Formed
Athens, Georgia


Jucifer have been defying the limits and expectations of the term 'duo' since their formation in 1993 in Athens, GA.

Jucifer's G. Edgar Livengood and G. Amber Valentine are known for their brutal beauty and fiery intensity on stage and have enjoyed the fruits of their labor as they garner an ever-increasing buzz and the most loyal of fan basses.

Jucifer's first foray in the studio back in 1995 produced songs that would be released on a fan-funded, independently released 7', Superman B/W Licorice.

1996 saw the duo embarking on their first tour and completing work on their first full-length, Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip, which didn't see a release until a friend helped fund another independent release in 1998. Calling All Cars… and the radio singles it produced caught the attention of Capricorn Records who signed the band 1999 and who would later re-issue Calling All Cars….

The band spent most of '99 writing and recording their Capricorn debut, I Name You Destroyer, and hit the road touring throughout most of 2000 and 2001 in anticipation for its release which wouldn't come for almost two years after its completion. The release of what was to be a 'tour-only' EP, Lambs, did see its release in 2001 but was available in stores as well.

2002 saw the over-due release of I Name You Destroyer. In its wake was a frenzy of critical acclaim and back-breaking touring with Jucifer taking only two months off the entire year.

Jucifer recorded another EP, War Bird, in July of 2003. War Bird would see its release in March of the following year as the band began to compile material for their next full-length. 2004 also saw the release of the band's first home video / DVD, A Partridge In A Pear Tree via AmberVillain Films. The band continued to work on their next full-length, If Thine Enemy Hunger in between performing regularly throughout 2005.

In April of 2006, Jucifer inked a deal with Relapse Records with If Thine Enemy Hunger being their debut release for the label.

In 2007, Jucifer finally realized their desire to write and record a double LP worth's of songs based on the French Revolution. This album, L'autrichienne, focuses mainly on French Queen Marie Antoinette, who was executed by guillotine at the height of the revolution, and her relationship with Louis XVI. L'autrichienne, Jucifer's sophomore release for Relapse, will see a March 18th 2008 North American release date, March 24th internationally.

Livengood and Valentine have domesticated the term road-warriors by becoming road-homemakers. In 2001, the two purchased a Winnebago that would later replace their stick-n-mortar home allowing them to play shows consistently and consecutively throughout North America. They've played with such diverse artists as VIC CHESNUTT, THE MELVINS, CHIMAIRA, HIGH ON FIRE, MASTODON, MIKE WATT, MAN OR ASTROMAN, DYSRHTHMIA, ROYAL TUX, BURIED INSIDE and many, many more over the course of their 10+ year touring career.

The list of bands they have been compared to reads with similar diversity; MINOR THREAT meets THE CARPENTERS, SLAYER to SLEEP, VERUCA SALT to MY BLOODY VALENTINE, sprinkled with a little PIXIES, PORTISHEAD, PANTERA, NIRVANA and NAPALM DEATH.

Chosen by Alternative Press in 2004 as one of the top 100 bands to watch, Jucifer has a rare ability to bring together fans of almost every genre. Their devotion to intensity and disdain for stylistic rules tends to inspire strong reactions. The dichotomy between Jucifer's lulling, melodic passages, high-volume sludge and brutal machine gun off-time (not to mention the contrast of female vocals alternately siren and banshee) may not appeal to those who like hearing the same old rock music recycled again and again. Amber and Edgar bleed doom, pop, noise and majesty.