Year Formed


Khaidian. (Kay. Dee. An)

Even the name evokes something… unique.
And 'unique' is what defines this four-piece from London,England.

Fusing the polyrhythmic technicality of 'Djent', with haunting Trance-like electronica, filthy Dubstep drops, and a soaring, soulful vocal style, Khaidian are one of the few bands in the UK (if not the world) bringing something truly unique to the alternative/heavy music scene.

This is a band who don't comfortably fit into any pigeon hole, or conform to any expectations.

Founded in 2010 by guitarist/programmer John Tyrell (ex Interlock) and bassist Joseph Perumal (Mortad/ex-Almamorta), Khaidian was created with a vision – to meld fury with technology; to create something special, to push the boundaries of both Metal and Electronica, to bring the world something…. Different.

Initially plagued by line up changes, it became increasingly difficult for John and Joe's bold vision to be realised. Frustrations mounted, hope was nearly lost.

Then, in the spring of 2014, Andy Hutton (ex Stoopi/Dragnerve) was handed the vocal reigns.
Eschewing the traditional 'Screamy/Growly' metal vocal clichés, Andy, John and Joe quickly realised that the initial vision for Khaidian had been surpassed – they were taking this music in a direction no one had expected – they were doing something truly unique.

…It was going to take a hell of a drummer to be able to keep up.
Thankfully, they found a hell of a drummer in Paul Fowler (ex Dragnerve), and Paul was swiftly enlisted to handle the percussion duties.

The line up was complete. Khaidian was finally taking flight.

Four talented and experienced musicians, each from very different backgrounds, bringing a range of styles, skills and influences to the table, to create something the world has never heard before.

They say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Listen for yourself. You will understand.

Khaidian's music is a mix of downtuned poly-rhythm Metal mixed with cutting edge electronica.