Year Formed


'Like the love-child of Candlemass and Mourning Beloveth', Khthon was born in the autumn of 2007. Vocalist Adam Robinson had been toying with the idea of forming a doom band for some time and had placed adverts in several local music shops, hoping to attract like-minded musicians (a pretty tall order in Maidstone!). Fortune smiled and the advert was seen by guitarist Kevin Lawry, a local doom fanatic and riffmaster extraordinaire. Kevin is best known for his solo doom project Silent Winter, self-releasing several EPs and albums over the last few years. Kev originally contacted Adam to offer support and make links with another doom fan, but in no time the idea to jam together was formulated. So, along with Benjamin Robinson, also on guitar, the core of Khthon took shape. 

As a three-piece, the band focused on writing material while actively looking for a drummer and bassist. This period led to the recording of the 'Songs on the Grave Side' EP in July 2008. The EP, consisting of four tracks of Epic English Doom, was recorded and mixed at Kewsound Studios (My Silent Wake), and mastered by Greg Chandler. The band's sound is a unique combination of its members' individual tastes. Benjamin's folk and classical influences blend seamlessly with Kevin's unending ability to craft monstrously heavy riffs. Together, they create music which is both subtle and powerful. Around this, Adam's vocals weave dark poetry inspired by folk ballads, Romantic literature and a lifelong passion for all things metal. 

In October 2008, Khthon welcomed bassist Mark Barnes to the fold. Immediately, Mark added a new dimension to the Khthon sound, providing an expansive rhythmical foundation to the existing songs and contributing immeasurably to new, as yet unreleased, material. In August 2009 the band's epic search for a drummer finally came to an end with the addition of Marcelo Teixeira.
So, the line up is complete. World doomination shall surely follow!