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Korpse is a slamming brutal death metal band from The Netherlands founded by drummer Marten van Kruijssen (Houwitser, Beheaded, Cliteater) in August 2013. Together with Sven van Dijk (Visionary666) as vocalist, Mart Wijnholds (DrDoom, Teethgrinder) on bass and Floor van Kuijk (Carnifloor, Fermented Masturbation) on guitar, Korpse became one of the most relentless live acts in their genre.

In late 2013 Korpse started spreading their debut album 'Korpse' in digital format on the internet. The self titled debut immediately had it's impact and got Korpse on the map. Korpse's first shows got booked all over Europe and the album got the attention of a lot of record labels. With the controversial cover artwork of Bahrull Marta in hands, Korpse teamed up with Morbid Generation Record to release the debut in physical format on 24th of March 2014.

In the meanwhile the successor or their self-titled debut was written. Nine even more aggressive songs where recorded, mixed and mastered by JB van der Wal of the mighty Aborted in March/April 2015. The second album is planned to start global devastation in October 2015. More shows and a Europe tour are being scheduled to support the release of the second album early 2016.

Korpse distinguishes itself by creating an adrenaline powered wall of aggression, turning crowds into packs of bloodthirsty wolfs and turning speakers into weapons of mass destruction. What you hear on the album is what you get live; a relentless display of brutality, without compromises or false overstatements. Immensely heavy slam breakdowns, combined with grinding speed and aggression are the results of Korpse's no nonsense approach on the slamming death genre. Because of their unique sound, approach, and the fact that all band members have plenty of experience playing all over Europe, Korpse will continue to wreak havoc anywhere their crusade leads them.

Korpse will not rest until everyone shares their vision of brutality and has laid waste upon every Deathfest on this planet!