Year Formed


Hailing from Uberlândia , Minas Gerais, KroW emerged from the brazilian underground scene in the end of 2006 , remaining from the same state as names like Sepultura, Sarcofago, Chakal, Sextrash, The Mist, Mutilator and Overdose, releasing their first and acclaimed demo "Contempt for You", which put the band quickly on the road, playing with Ratos de Porão, Krisiun, Possessed and many other bands around Brazil.

Their debut album called "Before the Ashes" released in september of 2009 put them in a big show with Sepultura, then touring big festivals around Brazil and their first tour outside the country, in Chile with the South American death metal icon, Undercroft. In 2010 still promoting "Before the Ashes" KroW went to a huge tour in Europe, playing 34 shows in 10 countries.

A busy period followed the band, working without stop until the release of the current album "Traces of the Trade" on march 2012, signed by the American producer Alan Douches from West West Side Studio, with the special appearance of Alvaro Lillo from Undercroft/Watain, opening a new step for the group, unleashing their latest full-length with Dimmu Borgir in Santiago, Chile in a sold out show.

The band played in festivals around Brazil and head again to Europe for a tour in 19 countries and 48 shows, sharing stage with names like Arch Enemy, Dying Fetus, Job for a Cowboy, Haemorrage, Onslaught, Undercroft and many others performing in festivals and playing the Destroying Balkans Tour with the Death Metal Legend Sinister, which put the band to relocate their headquarters in Europe for a non stop job.

The album "Traces of the Trade" brings the wrath and agressive sound , with a unique thematic based on the bloody, violent and disgusting Brazilian slavery time back in the days, and all of it is inspired on the late 80's and 90's Death Metal roots with a Thrash Metal punch, mixed with the most brutal nowadays patterns. Prepare to break your necks!!!