Newcastle upon Tyne


KYLVER (Pronounced: Kil-ver) are a four piece instrumental progressive rock/metal band that have crafted their take on the progressive genre by mixing slow and heavy doom riffs, odd time signatures, atmospherics of post-rock and Hammond tones of the 70's with a classic rock and metal sound.

The plans for Kylver were first made in late 2013 with bassist James Bowmaker, guitarist Jonny Scott and organist Neil Elliott laying out the foundations of what would become their debut album in-between other projects. The line-up was complete in August 2014 when the final element, drummer Barry Mitcherson joined and fitted seamlessly into place. 

On the 21st of May 2015 Kylver released their debut album 'The Mountain Ghost' - a fourty-minute long concept album consisting of four tracks that follow the fictitious tale of a spirit who inflicts torment on the residents of a village that lies in the shadow of his mountainous home.

Since it's release 'The Mountain Ghost' has received a healthy amount of praise from the music press both in the UK and abroad. It has had reviews from online publications including Echoes and Dust, Progressive Music Planet, The Sludgelord and Metal Shock Finland. The album's opening track 'The Mountain Has Ghosts' featured on the cover-mount CD on July's issue of Prog Magazine (Prog 57) with a write up referring to it as 'an immensely strong debut offering'.